Food service

                The food service is part of our new component, the wellness component. Every month, the organization provides baskets of fresh fruits and vegetables at cost price to the low-income population of the Edmundston area. The initiative aims to provide food security to people on the threshold of poverty. We also promote healthy eating through the commitment of a nutritionist to the project. This provides the necessary information so that the beneficiary can acquire key skills and knowledge in the cooking and consumption of healthy foods. Workshops are offered then tips and tricks are included in the baskets.


His importance

The wellness component responds to provincial and regional nutrition and food security data. Indeed, based on statistics from the New Brunswick Food Security Action Network (Everyone Eats, 2017) and New Brunswick Health Council (Quick Look on my community, 2017), there is a basic need at this level hence our desire to make it a priority. The food service is designed around the achievements of our community so as to:

  • Encouraging food security

    • Increase access to healthy, fresh foods for the low-income population,

    • Increase customer knowledge and skills in cooking and healthy eating,

    • That our food is available to all citizens of the city of Edmundston and its surroundings,

    • Provide a stable feeding service that promotes a healthy lifestyle,

  • Increase accessibility to employment for people with employment difficulties,

  • Promote social inclusion.


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