Our partners

Our work would not be possible without the precious help of our partners.
A sincere thank you for your participation and your involvement in our projects.


Thanks to the Donat Theriault IGA Extra Supermarket, we can order fruit and vegetables at cost price. He also provides us with the help of their nutritionist to provide crucial information to the beneficiaries regarding the maintenance, preservation, preparation and cooking of food.

The center provides their clientele as volunteers for our wellness component while providing them with work experience where they can sharpen their knowledge and learn new skills.

L'Atelier R.A.D.O. offers us their basement space to carry out the preparation of our bags for the wellness component. Our partnership also extends in terms of customer base, storage capacity and distribution center where our food service members can obtain their baskets at this separate location.

The CINNW offers us their financial support thanks to provincial funds available for food security and transportation.

The Wellness Movement offers us the chance to promote our new fruit and vegetable distribution service through a variety of activities organized by itself. It also allows us to perfect ourselves by learning more about the subject of food security as well as to interact with various agencies. We are also fortunate to benefit from their financial contribution.

The NB Mental Health Consumer Network Inc. provides us with the services of their local coordinator who played a critical role in the opening and deployment of our organization. We are very pleased with her active participation in the project.

UNI financial cooperation was kind enough to give us reusable bags for our fruit and vegetable distribution program.