Membership card

- The membership card gives a reduced rate to

   the member for transportation.

- The membership card allows the purchase

   and use of prepaid cards at reduced rates.


With the membership card

- The rate inside Edmundston (old) is 4$ by 5 kilometers.

- The rate at the town limits,so for St-Jacques, St-Basile and Verret is 6$ for the first 5 kilometers, then 4per 5 additional 


- Our member can purchase prepaid cards for 5 km at 4$  the unite. Also, if you buy 10 prepaid card you'll get 2 additional one, so you'll have a rate of 3,33$ per 5km.

Without the membership card

- The rate inside Edmundston (old) is 5$ per 5 kilometers.

- The rate at the town limit, so for St-Jacques, St-Basile and Verret is 7$ for the first 5 kilometers, then 5per 5 additional